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Dream between linens and silks under a cloud of feathers


A Natalie Ruth custom trousseau starts with a personal design consultation in which the client’s specific needs and desires are addressed and understood.  The linen trousseau begins with fabric selections and an inventory of necessary pieces.  Bedding ensembles were originally made exclusively from linen fabric due to its availability and durability, thus leading to the term “linens.”  Belgium linen is still one of the most luxurious and lasting fabrics and will certainly be around for generations to come.  But in addition to linen, we love the softness of Egyptian cotton and the luxury of satin.  The fibers of Egyptian cotton get softer and more luxurious with age, and while they will not last as long as those made from linen, your grandchildren will certainly consider them an incredible treat.  The luxury of satin sheets is in their delicacy and weightless nature, so decadent they should be reserved for special occasions or guests.

An extensive linen trousseau contains bedding ensembles in all three materials, each monogrammed with the bride and groom’s new monogram or family crest.  Decisions are made on thread colors and needlework stitches for each sheet, pillow sham, duvet, and coverlet.  All embroidery, including monograms and scalloped edges, is completed by hand to the exact design specifications.  No two couples are the same, and neither should be the linens in which they sleep.